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We have prepared this information sheet to inform our international visitors on how we protect their personal data. Please note that terms and/or definitions used or herein are taken directly from local (Turkish) laws (Law No 6698 on Protection of Personal Data) (“Law”) and regulations and might not always be coherent with other countries policies and terms on protection of personal data. You can obtain more information on Law from the webpages of Turkish Agency for Protection of Personal Data ( 

What is the purpose of processing your personal data? We only process your personal data only for the purposes of rendering our services and duties as set forth in Article 34 and following of Turkish Attorney's Law and during job application evaluation processes and we process and safeguard your data as per the Law and its regulations and pursuant to secrecy provisions set forth in Article 36 f Turkish Attorney's Law. 

How do we collect your personal data? We only collect your personal data via written, verbal and/or digital communications. 

What type of precautions do we use to safeguard your personal data? Pursuant to Article 12 of the Law, we use all kinds of technical and administrative precautions to be able to avoid any access to your personal data and to maintain the required security level. 

What are your rights? According to Section (Art.) 11 of the Law you may lawfully ask/request from us: 

  • if we hold your personal data, 

  • what we are holding about you, 

  • why we are holding your personal data, 

  • to whom we disclose and transfer your personal data, 

  • rectification of any incomplete and wrong data, 

  • erasure of personal data, 

  • to notify third persons to rectify and erase personal data, 

You may further direct us your objection to the negative consequences which may arise from analysis of your personal data by automated systems and request compensation for the damages you may have suffered as a result of unlawful personal data processing. You can direct your queries and requests to us basically by filing out and submitting the form via registered mail to our address at ‘“Süleyman Seba Cad., BJK Plaza, A Blok, No: 58 Besiktas, Istanbul” or electronically to our mail address

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